Our Story

Mailani Gems started with a style of jewelry making, she saw most popular growing up in Oahu. Started at the age of 16 with personal bangles made for herself instead of buying from others, she decided to learn how to make these pieces.  Soon, more and more people who saw her with these pieces were asking for her items.
Once she saw how people felt about her jewelry she started to put more focus on to making sure to keep up with what's instyle while keeping her handmade touch to her pieces.  Growing up submersed in a traveling family, where travel became apart of her life, seeing different styles of jewelry worn around the world.Finding herself inspired to start her own jewelry brand encouraging young women to get out of their comfort zone and experience all the this world has to offer. The goal is to be the best quality without hurting your wallet. When you make a purchase from Mailani Gems, you aren't just supporting a small business. You are supporting a local business.